About Grub Trade - for Producers

Whatever your scale, and whatever you grow or produce, you can use Grub Trade to find new local buyers.

  • Add all your current produce for local buyers to find - totally FREE!
  • You control what kind of orders you'll accept.
  • Either deliver to buyers or have them collect, and sort out payment however you want.

Why Grub Trade exists

Local food economies can help address many of the biggest issues that humanity faces today... improving health, protecting the environment, and building more sustainable communities.

There are plenty of great places to find local food, like veg box schemes, farm shops, and markets. Current options usually operate in a limited area, and there's no easy way for buyers to find what's around them right now.

We are still a long way off having a totally joined-up local food system, where consumers and businesses can see everything that's in season right now near them.

That's why we've built Grub Trade, to help people all over the world to take back control of our food.

Our mission is simple

to help build local food economies everywhere
by connecting producers and buyers

How it benefits producers

We want to help you find the people around you who want to buy what you produce.

Grub Trade can work at any scale...

  • Professional farmers can find new local markets to serve direct.
  • Folk with allotments, gardens, orchards, or even beehives can sell whatever they don't need.
  • People who forage, hunt, or fish could find local buyers for the food they get from the wild.
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    Grocers or veg box sellers could use Grub Trade both to source fresh, seasonal, local produce and to sell their aggregated produce locally.

Local, fresh food is deservedly getting a lot of attention right now. Whatever fresh food you have to offer, you can bet there are people around you who would love to buy it: households, cafés, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, schools, nursing homes... the list goes on.

Grub Trade provides the global & local platform to help them find you!

Just add whatever you have to sell, and people around you will be able to find it.

You're in complete control

Grub Trade lets you sell on your own terms.

  • There's no limit to how little or how much you sell, and no charge!
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    Add produce in moments, set your prices and amount available, all in a few clicks.
  • You can specify whether you're willing to deliver - and what your maximum range is.
  • Set your minimum order amount. If you only want to sell to trade, set your minimum order accordingly.
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    You have the option to accept or reject any order, or easily message the buyer.
  • IMPORTANT... Grub Trade doesn't take payment, so you can set whatever terms suit you.

Whenever someone places an order with you, you'll get an email alert and a link.

Here's what an order might look like. You can choose to accept it with the click of a button, or you might message the buyer back to negotiate your terms.

Grub Trade exists to get more people trading food locally. That's we've kept the system free for small-scale, local sellers, and made it as simple as possible to use. (We are planning a modest annual fee for larger producers.)

If you get new customers through Grub Trade, who then go on to buy from you direct, that's great! That's why we're here 🙂

Help to plan for profits!

One feature that people asked us for was the ability for buyers to request future produce. So we've added a "wish list" area where, for example buyers like my friend Alex to makes hot sauces can say, "I'll pay £9/kilo for organic chillies". Those messages will only be seen by local producers, who can then message the buyer with, "Sure, I'll plan to grow a full greenhouse of chillies for you from July".

Producers can also now put a future availability on anticipated harvests, to help producers sell more but also to help chefs and cooks planning their menus in advance. So if you have crops that should be ready on a certain date, or perhaps a few pigs going to slaughter, you can add the items with the future date. Buyers can opt to view only produce that's available right now, or to view stuff that's in the pipeline.

And remember - we're committed to keeping Grub Trade FREE to everyone!

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you're ready to try Grub Trade for yourself, totally free, click here to sign up as a producer.