Grub Trade helps build local food economies by connecting food producers anywhere in the world with local buyers... for free!


Whether you're a full-time farmer, you just have a few fruit trees in your garden, or anything in between, grub trade will help you find local buyers for your produce. More...


Now cooks and food retailers of all kinds can instantly find the healthiest, freshest,  local produce, helping you deliver top quality without the food miles.


August 15, 2018   Grub Trade is launching with local pilots in the Sheffield (UK) area. We are starting to add local smallholders, community farms, and allotments as well as caf├ęs, restaurants, food box schemes and more...

Browse our current producers here. Click on a marker to view each producer's current produce...

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Grub Trade is a totally free online platform that simply connects food producers of all types with buyers in their[...]